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Secondary Vocational School Pod Banosom 80 was created in Sep 4 2007 after the merging of Private Secondary School and School of Agriculture. The School of Agriculture had had 50 year tradition in agricultures´ and foodstuffs´ branches.

The new based school is aimed at growing up qualified agricultural and foodstuff workers. In the cooperation with the Rural Parliament we build the school aimed at the rural development.

We offer different vocational and study branches.

Our graduates become private entrepreneurs in the rural areas and are able to manage the country in the agricultural tourism and the other agricultural services.

In the foodstuff we try to preserve traditional flavours instead of producing the popular processed foods and the mixtures.

We support the newest technologies as well as we prefer the traditional flavours of our products.

This way we want to save the cultural customs and the other specifics, which are considered to be the main factors in the tourism development in general.

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