Our school is a small community. It would be only a boring place without a bit of fun. To avoid the daily routine, there are prepared different games, sport activities and competitions to make the school life more attractive.

The most popular are a ski-course, a watermanship course, hiking, football and other competitions.

Our students also regularly compete in national and international confectioners´ and bakers´ competitions where they compare their practical skills.

We look for talented students in a recitation contest „Hviezdoslav´s Kubin“ which we organize once a year.

For the students keen on hardworking and earning some money, we organize hop brigade-work in the Czech republic.  

Very popular is also a guild-system parade prepared for our first-year students, sled dog at Donovaly, visiting concerts and going to the theaters. All of these activities help the students to deal with the students´ lives and to know each other better.

Besides these, we offer 12 after school classes aimed at another different activities.

 „Viva student“